Here are some tips on how to choose the best title for your essay. Clearly define the content and purpose of the article. Declaring immediately what purpose the text fulfills is a great way to intercept interested readers. Example: “Effective methods to manage the Facebook page” instead of the more generic one “Managing the Facebook page”. Use punctuation or just browse around this website to get professional assistance with your paper. Put your keywords at the beginning and separate them from the benefits/advantages from the colon. It is a simple and effective technique to insert multiple elements and create order and clarity in the text. “How to write an essay: 5 tips to get started”. Introduce the topic with “How”. It is a strategy used for a long time but still useful since many of the internet searches are based on “how to go for” and the like. Obviously, this formula adapts to specific contents that contain explanations. Ask questions. The questions help the user recognize himself in the recipient of the content. Example: “Are you planning a trip to California? Here are some practical tips “/” Do you want to repaint your home? Follow this practical guide first “. Highlight the most common mistakes. Emphasizing the common mistakes of a topic and giving the solution identifies the content as useful in the eyes of the user looking for solutions. Example: “10 common errors in the use of Ad Words (and how to correct them)” / “Matching colors of an outfit: 5 errors to avoid”. Compose multiple versions of the title following the guidelines above, compare them and determine which one is the most effective.